Sunday, November 20, 2011

You're and Your

The comedian at our dinner dance last night told a joke that perfectly illustrated the difference between 'you're', and 'your', so I share it here.

A man walks into a psychiatrist's office wrapped only in cellophane, and wants to have an assessment.

"I don't need to assess you," the psychiatrist says. "I can clearly see you're nuts..."

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  1. Nobody ever seems to mention the third "yore" in these discussions. They'll mention all three "there"s, but only the 2 "your"s. I wonder if it's because people never confuse yore with you're/your. And that leads me to wonder if the only reason most people mix all this stuff up is because they've been told that it's confusing...

    [I couldn't bring myself to misspell "it's"]

    -idle thoughts brought to you by 11:30 bourbon-brain. :)

    oddly related: I've been trying to construct a joke that employs a castrati going to the doctor, and somehow using "yore" and "nuts" in the punchline, but it isn't coming together. Just as I was thinking about changing it to a steer and a vet (talking animals!), the song I was listening to mentioned steers (Papa Was a Rodeo, The Magnetic Fields).

  2. You're right, your 'yore' is the old 'yore' of yore... ?