Friday, November 11, 2011

If anyone in Toronto...

UPDATE!!!!!   Momma horse has been found!!!   Thank you all for your help and kindness in returning her to Daisy. We have a very happy girl here, knowing that Momma Horse is on her way home :D

I know this sounds crazy, but if anyone in Toronto happens to be near Sick Kids Hospital, Daisy lost her "momma horse", most likely on University Avenue, right behind the Mary Pickford bust and plaque near the entrance. The picture here shows where Momma Horse was left by a little girl caught up in playing in the leaves.

Just at the end of the bench on the left is where Momma Horse stayed after playing in the leaves.

She has had 'momma horse' through thick and thin, despite paint, and the horse losing a limb, it has always been her favourite. I know it may not be there, and I know that someone may have picked her up and put her in the trash in the meantime, but a certain little girl would be very happy to have her companion back. It would mean a lot if someone could look there for us.

Next weekend, we will be coming down to Oakville, and if you find it, we could pick it up from you. I'm sure there would be a little girl hug in it for the lucky person who finds her....

Here is a close up of the horse, and the girl who is very sad.

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