Saturday, November 05, 2011

TimTam Slam

Weeks ago, Jenn was reading about TimTams, a cookie treat from Australia, and joking that I should try them. They are good with coffee. They are chocolate. A perfect match for me, she thought.

Okay. I put it on the list of things to try, and went back to my writing. Fast forward to this grocery shopping expedition where she actually found a package of them in the Metro. She bought them, and I tried one. Not bad, but not my favourite by any means. I read the package. It's a cookie, alright.

Jenn then looked up on the internet that the "proper" way to eat them is in a TimTam Slam. That requires coffee or tea, so I set to work.

Enter latte.

(TimTams lurking menacingly in background....)

The TimTam Slam was described on the internet, so Jennifer gave me instructions and took pictures while I put it all together.

One starts by biting off the corners, and creating, what is in effect a cream-filled chocolate straw.

Then, one gently places a corner of the 'straw' into the coffee (or coffee-ish liquid), and gently sucks on the other corner so the liquid goes through the biscuit until it is full.

(photo redacted for vulgarity)

This creates a little somewhat squishy chocolate tube full of biscuit and latte, and there are several techniques (apparently) for cooling the cookie to ensure that the chocolate stays cool enough during the next phase while the insides are filled with hot coffee. (those Aussie's are so clever!)

Then, giving it just a short moment to ferment in its own chocolatey hot latte biscuit juices, you then slam the whole thing in your mouth and let it melt.


Ohhhhhhhm'god.... ohhmmmmaaaaahhhhhhgawwwwwwd.

That package isn't going to last the afternoon.

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  1. mmmmm soooo gooood!!! Now I have to go out and buy myself some of those cookies!!!
    I had such a great visit with you and Jenn yesterday, I will have to come by again soon :)