Friday, August 12, 2011

Someone else's words.

Sometimes, someone else's words just hit an issue so well that I can't possibly write about it.

I drove past an anti-abortion protest today, and it bothered me, not in the way the protesters intended, but in a saddened, disappointed way. I did not sympathize with them, nor did their protest make me want to support them. I was disturbed, and couldn't even begin to think to put words to my reaction until I read Juliet's post in 'In Spite of all the Damage'. I put the link here for all the women I have known and supported in their decisions, and all the women I have known who were caught in a horrible situation and considered or went through with it. I think everyone should read it, no matter what their stance on the issue, because these things need to be said, and these things need to be heard.
How to Save a Life

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  1. Thanks for sharing that Jon,
    it was so well written, and so true