Sunday, June 05, 2011

What cat?

Steven and Larry, sitting having a coffee before work:
"This is troubling, Steve."
"The NDP have more support among women than we do. Almost a landslide."
"How do we change that?"
"Well what do they want?"
* reads poll * "Health care. Number one."
"Well, we can't afford health care any more. Nobody can. We have to pay for those fighter jets."
"Um ... says national daycare is next."
"Ya, like that's gonna happen. That money is going toward international bases. What's next?"
"They think you should be more personal."
"Oh, like that damn moustache is any more human."
"Ya, they think he is. Maybe you could let them name your cat."
"What cat?"
"Get one! And have them name it! On that internet thingy."
"Guy, you know how little time I have."
"It could end up like that damn photo op for the humane society or whoever that was. I looked like an idiot."
"Chicks love cats."
"What if they name it something stupid?"
"It's not like you're actually going to be cleaning up after it or feeding it. You'll have a page for that."
"Alright. But don't make me look like an idiot this time."

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