Saturday, November 03, 2012

First Snow

I dread snow. I mean, don't get me wrong, when it's all on the ground, and we can ski and toboggan and it crunches under the feet on crisp mornings, it's great. It's that first snow I hate because it is always such a shock. When you're still under the illusion of fall, and all the leaves are on the ground and you can look forward to maybe squeaking one more weekend out of the barbeque, then it snows and all that is shattered.

The Christmas decorations aren't out yet, and the boots not yet unpacked, and it's already there. The other day I stayed overnight up in Bancroft so I could get an early start on work up in the Monteagle Valley. I was lucky enough to have accidentally packed the camera, and in the morning woke to this:

First snow.

I was thinking it was just going to be a sprinkle, and it would melt when the sun came up, and for the most part it did. After some work, and driving, and more driving, I had about an hour to kill in Bancroft, so I drove up to the lookout and the Eagle's Nest trails over the city, to a treat. The snow had stayed, just that little bit higher elevation, and was on the trees.

It was a winter wonderland, but only where the snow could stick to the cold trees. The ground was still warm enough to melt it. Bancroft has a beautiful park up there overlooking the city.

I went for a long walk, thinking about how screwed I would be if I fell and hurt myself on the slick stones, and snapping shots as I saw them.

This would have been perfect snowball snow if it had stuck.

The drive back down was gorgeous, too.

Then in the Monteagle Valley I was treated to an entire forest of it. I was blessed to have been there at the right time and right place, and with my camera. By the time I drove back to Belleville that evening, it was gone, but it'll be back soon.

Now I'm ready for winter.

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