Saturday, September 24, 2011

Semi armoured?

Okay, another naming dilemma.

I recently admired my friend JP's wrist ... thingy ... online. I believe my comment on his picture was: 'want'

I didn't know what to call it. Bracelet sounded too ... unmanly. Wristband, not really right because it's not a band. Lucky me, he asked my wrist size, and less than a week later, there was a package in the mail for me. At first, he called it a "custom survival paracord bracelet" which I thought was apt. It's made with 18 feet of 550lb (load strength) parachute cord, which can be unwoven in case of an emergency in the bush (like fashioning a fire starting bow, tying up a lean-to tent, or I don't know ... survivally stuff.) In its core, I also found out, is a filament that can be used for catching fish (hook not included). Apparrently I was going to feel the need to "kill and grill small furry things, while smoking cigars! :)"

Just the thing I need for the new property, camping, and teaching the kids those skills when they're ready.

The naming still didn't sit well with me. JP's wife pointed out it's not a 'friendship bracelet', but a 'tactical friendship bracelet'. Then JP added to the picture that I posted on Facebook that it's a super tactical full-choke, multi space-age semi armoured, ninja decoder bracelet

All I know is, only a great guy like JP could send a handmade supercool wristband across the continent for a friend. Much appreciated. :D

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