Saturday, April 09, 2011

Yotti Fegway

This post is in desperation.

My (just turned) three year old girl, Daisy, has a language all to her own. We've been pretty good about decoding her speech so far, but now she has us stumped.

Keep in mind, this is not a calm, docile little girl in pig tails, keeping to her own in the corner. When she locked my wife, Jenn, out last week, Jenn had to use the doorbell to get the older brother's attention to come unlock the door. Daisy, naked, jumped up and down in the front hall yelling "Make the Ding-Dong, Mommy! Make the Ding-Dong!"

There is never a dull moment.

We have a Boba Fett mask also that the kids wear around, and she first called it Boo Boo Fett, which has caught on. Now there's even a Lego Boo Boo Fett on the computer.

She came down from her room a few weeks ago complaining about her 'hooter' making noise and getting warm and keeping her awake. We figured that one out when she started talking about her big brother's 'hooter', and, relieved, decoded that she was actually talking about the heater.

Even after we corrected her, she still calls it that.

That brings me to my question: What in hell is a Yotti Fegway?

She's been saying it for weeks, and here are the clues. It is something she wants us to bring to her at night, and sometimes in the morning (so it's portable, I deduced), and it is downstairs, and she can't point directly at it, no matter what room we're in (which she can do with some other things...)

Any input is welcome. For now, we'll just keep saying "We're looking for it baby," and hope she doesn't catch on.


  1. My surname is Yotti, and I have always wondered what in the world it means. So if you ever find out from her, please let me know!

    I'm now considering naming my next cat Fegway...

  2. That would be great! You'll have to send pics if you do! :)